Ready or not, here it comes. I saw this HealthCare.Gov commercial at the end of The Charlie Rose Show on PBS last night

Covered California has a budget of about $290 million taxpayer dollars to spend on educating the masses. Half will be in traditional media like TV and radio. 

You won’t be able to commute to work without seeing their billboard or hearing their drive time radio spot. Once you get home the exchange will pop up during football timeouts and between housewives reunion shows.

The majority of the money into social media, data mining you on FaceBook and distracting the single folks fussing over their profiles.

I just hope their jingle is catchy and not annoying. 

Since I tweeted this out I had 40 clicks yesterday and another 46 today. Not Rock Star numbers but it has an audience of health insurance brokers staring at the reality that the product they’ve been selling with its myriad of options is being dumbed down to a row of cereal boxes. A sobering thought.

The video I link to is put out my a new co-op in Iowa and Nebraska and has their tag attached to the actual video.