This CNBC article outlines the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act for union members. The thought that the companies will decide that these plans are too expensive and drop the coverage and pay the fine, the average union guy is probably wondering “how can this be?” The loss of the tax incentives for employers tax subsidies for Taft Hartley coverage leaves them in a position where the cost of these plans becomes an issue. 

The big draw for joining unions has always been the rich benefits. Couple this with the possibility of scaled back plans due to the “Cadillac Tax” and union leaders are left with “not much”. So much for the “If you like your plan, you can keep it” promises, that was talk for an election year.

I spent one summer home from school working as a Culinary and Bartenders Local member while cooking in a hotel. The “lifers” in the kitchen swore by it, but I saw a group that new it couldn’t be easily fired, going for breaks when the kitchen got busy. You get the picture. For people at the bottom economically the revelation that their President brought them this law, well that must be disappointing.