This started with a chicken Caesar Salad. You know, the kind at the grocer, all in one bag kind of thing. The breasts were perfectly seasoned and grilled in my George Forman and angle cut to perfection. All that was left was to toss them into the salad, a few twists of the pepper grinder and I was good to go.

That was until mid-bite when a peppercorn jumped in and I heard a loud crack. I can’t adequately describe the sensation that shot from one of my upper teeth straight upward into my cheek (and quite possibly out of my scull). Within a few minutes though, it went away, pretty much.

Hey, if there was ever a year tailor made to the procrastinator this is it. Throughout 2020 the emphasis has been on scary COVID. The tooth pain wasn’t bad, I took off and went to Michigan, came back went to New Mexico (camping), all the time dancing with the devil. But when I was chewing steak around the campfire, I was down to using the left side of my mouth.It wasn’t until I was off to Texas that the thought of it blowing out mid-kolache brought me to reality.

The reality was I was committing the same egregious mistake I constantly lecture my clients (especially males) about which is don’t avoid the treatment! When I finally went in the x-ray showed the peppercorn took the direct route of destruction and cracked the tooth like Abe splitting rails. Right down the 50 yard line.

I know this because I used my Delta DHO and have a Dentist right on the other side of the freeway from my office. Which brings me to Friday and my Dentist Dr. Grace Yi (my Mom’s name was Grace, so Dr Yi’s golden) whom I like a lot. She went one on one with my tooth and after some concerted effort she pulled it out. And I paid with my Health Savings Account

Always looking to handle things like an adult, I put a serious dent in the IPA supply in my fridge Friday night. That’s after I had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner. Saturday I marveled at my moonshiner grin in the mirror.

The point of this that it wasn’t so bad. Like anything else, the sooner you get it taken care of, especially where it involves your health. I had avoided going in and getting it taken care of. Hopefully I’ll be a candidate for an implant and we can pretend none of this ever happened. But only because I stopped pretending.