Health insurance is expensive because health care is expensive

The headline is not mine to take credit for, but was attributed to NAHU President Tom Harte today in an article by Fox News. In effect, the article centered on a report by TransUnion Healthcare (they do collections and debt recovery for healthcare providers; doctors, hospitals) that out-of-pocket costs for patients was up 11% in 2014. As deductibles and co-pays … Read more

Normal is not a cure for HIV

One night coming back from a Board Meeting of a nonprofit in the Castro I snapped this photo through the window of the Duboce Cafe. Normal. All those bottles of pills behind the glass, which over a year cost more than a new BMW, that is the price of normal for someone with HIV.I thought … Read more

Private Exchanges

I’m at the Choice Administrators road show for their private exchange product that has been writing multi-carrier health insurance for small business in California for 20+ years. Mercer is all pumped up that their exchange has 52 employers signed up for 2014.  Big whoop. I just love working with small business because they tend to … Read more

The value of a health insurance broker.

It’s the personal nature of health insurance that makes the need for human interaction so important. The purpose is to finance care and at times that comes in moments of fear and personal crisis. There isn’t a website or ‚Äúnavigator” that can compensate for that. Employers are more likely (20%) to offer medical coverage in … Read more

How Paul Bunyan and Babe will help the Affordable Care Act (and MNsure)

MNsure (Minnesota’s health insurance exchange) has rolled out it’s Ad campaign with Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox, making the pitch that Minnesota is the land of 10,000 reasons to get health insurance. Not that I plan on filling my Blog with  the commercials from every state exchange, but this is a witty and clever … Read more

There may not be much reason to join a union. So much for the logo jackets.

This CNBC article outlines the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act for union members. The thought that the companies will decide that these plans are too expensive and drop the coverage and pay the fine, the average union guy is probably wondering “how can this be?” The loss of the tax incentives for employers … Read more